Remember Your Essence

May 15-19, 2013
Event #48

Institute (42 participants)

Institute Worship

Be Here Now/Mindfulness

Institute Tracks

When The Drummers Were Women
Rewriting Your Story to Rediscover Your Essence
Reframing Who We Are
Meditating To Your Essence

Gathering (46 participants)

Gathering Worship

Essential You
Create Your Own Goddess

Gathering Workshops

All Day
Essensuality – Thriving As A Sensuous Spirit
Prayer Beads
Drumming Your Essence
IMPROV — Live at the Mountain!
Moving Mandalas
Corn Shuck Doll Goddess

Special Activities

Madonna Orientation and Sister Meet, Brigid’s Bazaar, Silent Auction, Social Hour (with food themes), Cabaret, Drumming and Dancing, Tea & Talk, 12-Step Meeting, Healing Circle, Sacred Circle Dancing, Stepping Stones, Bedtime Stories for Big Girls, Star Gazing, Morning Meditation

You can view the whole brochure here: Spring 2013 Brochure