Deep Roots, Soaring Branches: Strength in Balance

May 11-15, 2011

Institute #43

Institute Worship

Roots: Acknowledging our History and Support System
Pruning: Preparing the Way for New Growth
Tending and Nurturing: Recognizing and Caring for our Needs

Institute Tracks

Roots Deep, Branches Wide: Magnificent Crones Celebrate Their Wisdom
“NO” is a Choice in Decision-Making
Being Home

Gathering #43

Gathering Worship

Growing and Connecting: Strengthening our Relationships
Blossoming: Manifesting our Intentions
Balance: Putting It All Together

Gathering Workshops

All Day
Pilgrimage to Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest
Down and Dirty Deep Root Clearing to Expand Your Creation Capacity
Eden’s Green Dream – Poetry Writing
Back to our Roots Yoga and “OM” The Mother Sound
Learning the Essence of Trees
Honoring the Sacred in our Everyday Lives
Make your own Didgeridoo

You can view the whole brochure here: Spring 2011 Brochure