Sacred Balance, Healing Peace

May 11-15, 2005

Institute #31

Institute Worship

Symbols of Balance
Finding Balance
Exercising Balance

Institute Tracks

Playing With Energy as a Spiritual Practice
Vibrate Your Desires Into Being
Causing Everyday Miracles!
Balance Your Mind, Body & Spirit with Aromatherapy

Gathering #31

Gathering Worship

Empty Boats
Plant One Tree
And Peace Spread Over the Land

Gathering Workshops

All Day
Embracing Balance & Peace From Within
She Carries Me
Walking the Wheel: Using Medicine Wheels to Find Balance and Peace
Balance and Peace Through Dancing
Prayer Beads for Peace & Healing
Conversation on Conflict
Peaceful Pilgrimage – Self Guided
Exploring Past Lives: Finding Balance & Healing in the Past
Balance with Beads
Peaceful Pilgrimage – Self-Guided