Walking the Magical Path

May 12 – 16, 2004

Institute #29

47 participants

Institute Worship

The Red-Haired Girl

Institute Tracks

Sacred Hands
Your True Face: Journey to the Sacred Mask
The Myths of Avalon (and Other Ancient Goddesses)
Vibrate Your Desires Into Being

Gathering #29

102 participants

Gathering Worship

Theme: Behold! There Is Magic All Around Us
Claiming Our Magic
Awakening Our Magic
Working Our Magic
Celebrating Our Magic

Gathering Workshops

All Day
Waking Our Power, Honoring Our Wisdom: A Croning Ceremony
Using Intuition in Our Everyday Life
NIA: Through Movement We Find Health
Walking an Ancient Path: Bringing Celebration of the Goddess to a Modern Congregation
Sexuality, Spirituality, and the Goddess
Walking a Magical Hike: Identifying Trees
Fabric of Our Sisterhood
The Elements: Tools for Walking Our Magical Path
Rooted in the Earth
Ya-Ya Sisterhood Hats
Create a Sacred Wand