Gardening in Her Spirit

May 14 – 18, 2003

Institute #27

Institute Worship

Enriching Your Spiritual Garden
Planting Our Spiritual Garden
Unfurling in Her Image

Institute Tracks

Woman, Do You Know Your Story?:
Weaving the Fabric of Life
The Art of Pilgrimage
Receiving Healing Strength from Tending the Garden of Self-Loving

Gathering #27

Gathering Worship

Earth – Returning and Remembering
Sun – Growing and Blooming
Rain – Cleansing and Healing
Air – Blessings and Peace

Gathering Workshops

All Day
Transforming Grief
Laughing with Aphrodite
Woman’s Spirit Rattle
Garden Stepping Stones
Prayer that Works
Creating Prayer Flags for Your Garden
Creating Herbal Magic
Nature’s Abundance Hike
Walking the Labyrinth (outdoor labyrinth, offsite – Otto,NC)
Cultivating the Garden of Our Spirit
Green Goddess Isn’t the Name of a Salad Dressing Anymore
Foot Washing and Healing