Embracing the Goddess Within

May 15-19, 2002

Institute #25

54 participants

Institute Worship

Embracing the Wild One Within-The Goddess Artemis
Embracing the Compassionate One Within-The Goddess Kwan Yin
Embracing the All-Encompassing One-The Triple Goddess

Institute Tracks

Discovering the Goddess Within
Storywork for the Goddess Within
Ritual Design for Groups
Wearable Altars

Gathering #25

92 participants

Gathering Worship

Goddesses of Independence, Direction: Earth for North
Goddesses of Love, Direction: Water for West
Goddesses of Power, Direction: Fire for South
Great Mother Goddess, Direction: Air for East

Gathering Workshops

All Day
Goddess Walking
Breast Casting/Boob Bowls: Walking the Path Between the Sacred and the Silly
Woman Am I
Talking Dance- Moving Into Your Story
Activating the Goddess Within
Morning Hike
Dances of Universal Peace
The Sacred Yoni (the short course)
Sacred Wand-Making: Symbols of our Roots