Euphoric, We Rise

May 17-21, 2000

Institute #21

Institute Worship

Bear or Going Within
Snake or Shedding Our Skin
Eagle or Flying Forth

Institute Tracks

Joy Through Movement: An Introduction to Tai Chi Chin
Honoring Our Mother

Gathering #21

117 participants

Gathering Worship

Overall theme: Thesmophoria
Anados — Going Up
Cathodos — Descent into the Underworld and Nestia — Mourning the Loss of Persephone
Kalligeneia — Fair Birth, Feast for Return of Persephone
Thesmophoria completed

Gathering Workshops

All Day
A Women’s Spirit Rattle
Ritual and Felting Art
The Magic of Treasure Mapping
Foot Reflexology
Euphoric, We Drum
What’s Euphoric in Contemporary Women’s Literature
Spiritual Autobiography
BYOT (Building Your Own Tarot)
Henna Body Art
Songwriting for Everyone
Foot Reflexology
Euphoric, We Drum