Holding Our Destiny, Walking Our Path

May 13-17, 1998

Institute #17

47 participants

Institute Worship

No theme or program information available

Institute Tracks

The Force Be With(in) You
The Dance of Life
Silhouette of the Soul

Gathering #17

121 participants

Gathering Worship

The Path we Walk
Resting Places Along the Path
And We Journey Deeper…
What Shall We Take with Us on Our Path

Gathering Workshops

All Day
The Magic of Runes
Tarot for Fun and Growth
Women and Mother Earth
Journal Making
Rhythm and Ritual: Let It Be a Dance!
Self Discovery through Music and Art
Celebrating Contemporary & Diverse Women’s Voices
Wheel of the Year
Finding Your own Rhythm
Finding Grandmama God
Gratitude Pouches
Tai Chi – Four Directions
Beginning West African-Style Drumming
Poetry Writing
Embracing Synchronicity
Making Felt S-s-s-s-s-snakes