Embrace the Mystery

May 15-19, 1996

Institute #13

Institute Worship

Let Us Celebrate the Mystery of the Maiden
Let Us Celebrate the Mystery of the Mother
Let us Celebrate the Mystery of the Crone

Institute Tracks

Woman Am I
My Beautiful Body
Experiencing the Runes
Regaining Our Sensual Selves

Gathering #13

Gathering Worship

Invoke the Mystery
Explore the Mystery
Honor the Mystery
Celebrate the Mystery
Embrace the Mystery

Gathering Workshops

All Day
Life Transitions
A Ripening Ritual
Reduce Your Stress
Making Life a Spiritual Journey
The Pagan Woman:
Monoprints: Mothers and Maidens, Mountains and Meadows
Womenspirit 101
Using Our Dreams for Personal Growth
Natural Mysteries Hike
Womenspirit 201
Expressing Our Earth Heritage in Tissue Paper Collage
The Mysteriously Completed Appliquilted Wallhanging
Embracing the Mystery of Women’s Literature
Coming Out Stories
Natural Mysteries Hike