HERoes, Our Lives Tell the Tale

May 17-21, 1995

Institute #11

Institute Worship

Welcome Home HERoes
HERoes’ Dance
The Missing Piece: Mary as the Mythic HERo

Institute Tracks

Shaping Sacred Time
Goddess Grace: A Moving Meditation
What If We Knew the Powers?

Gathering #11

Gathering Worship

HERoes as Sisters
You are a HERo
Speak Their Names
Our Lives Tell The Tale

Gathering Workshops

All Day
Inner Warrior
Writing Erotica
Magical Aromatherapy
Clay: The Sacred Body of Mother Earth
Healing Touch Sampler 1: Helping Others
HERo Masks
Lesbian and Bisexual HERoes
Introducing Tai Chi Chuan
Womenspirit 101
African Drumming
Fictional HERoes
Healing Touch Sampler 2: Helping Yourself
HERo Shields
Listening Deep In The Woods
Womenspirit 201