Wholeness: Completing the Circle

May 13-17, 1992

Institute #5

Institute Tracks

Womenquest – Women’s Spiritual Empowerment
African Drumming

Gathering #6

Gathering Worship

Listening to the Earth
Voicing the Energies Within
Wiccan Full Moon Ritual
Making Waves

Gathering Workshops

All Day
Women’s Health – How to Move towards Physical Wholeness
Regaining Wholeness – First Step Stress Management
Dancing With Your Dreams
Every Woman Has a Story: Writing, Telling, Journaling Our Stories
Yoga Discovery
Drawing on the Artist Within
Jewelry Making as a Ritual Healing Process
Making Leis from the Woods
Hikes in Nature
Redefining the Family
Goddess Imagery
Celebrating the Mysteries of Womanhood
Women’s Ways of Knowing
Hike in Nature
Self Esteem
Hula Dancing – to Celebrate the Goddess Pele
Voicing Workshop