We are pleased that you are interested in UUWomenspirit and hope you will be able to join us at our upcoming event. Every effort is made to keep the cost of attending as affordable as possible, but for those who need assistance, limited scholarship funds are available for UUWomenspirit members.

You may apply for one scholarship in a 12 month period. We do this so that we can help as many women as possible attend our event. Scholarship decisions are based upon:

  • any history you have of helping at UUWomenspirit events,
  • whether you have attended a UUWomenspirit event before,
  • the nature of your need, and
  • when the application is received prior to the deadline.

You may request any amount that you need up to $125, which covers half of the program expenses (food, lodging, and UUWomenspirit program fee) for one program — either Institute or Gathering. You will be responsible for paying the other half of the program expenses ($125).

To be eligible for consideration, you must complete your online registration up to the point of paying (through step 16 in the instructions). If we offer you a scholarship, you will have one week to complete your registration by paying. If we are unable to honor your request for a scholarship, you can complete your online registration by making your payment or you can let us know that you need to cancel your registration.

This electronic form is submitted directly to the Scholarship Committee. All scholarship requests are kept confidential. If you have questions, you can contact the Scholarship Committee.

We hope to see you at our upcoming event!

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I am requesting scholarship aid in the amount of $ (up to $125) to attend
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I have not received a scholarship beforeI received a scholarship for Fall/Spring Event of (year)

Please help us understand your needs by telling us the reasons for your application. Why are you seeking assistance at this time? If you are requesting assistance to offset the cost of childcare or adult care while you are attending, please specify.

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