Moon Energy: Rhythm, Mystery, Illumination

October 19-23, 2016
Event #55 (66 participants)

Institute (40 participants)

Institute Worship

Dark Moon (Source)
New Moon (Beginnings)
Half Moon (Balance)
Resources for Fall 2016 Moon Energy Programming

Institute Tracks

Discovering Your Inner Goddess
Moon-Drum Mysteries: An Introduction to Frame Drumming
Queen of the Night: The Mystery and the Magic of the Moon

Gathering (65 participants)

Gathering Worship

Waxing Moon (Growth)
Full Moon (Abundance)
Waning Moon (Release)
Resources for Fall 2016 Moon Energy Programming

Gathering Workshops

All Day
Grandmother Moon: Calling in the Energy of the Crone
Harnessing the Power of the Moon and the Ancient Technology of Feng Shui to Jazz Up Your Life
Illuminating Your Intuition in Daily Life

Living Witchy
Sacred Humor
Tapping into Your Moon Energy through Facilitating at UWomenspirit (cancelled)
Volunteering at The Mountain

Breast Casting
Essential Oils: Precious Gifts of the Earth
The Tarot and the Moon Card: Finding your Mystery (cancelled)
Volunteering at The Mountain

Special Activities

Big Sister/Little Sister, Brigid’s Bazaar, Silent Auction, Social Hour, Cabaret, Drumming and Dancing, Tea & Talk, 12-Step Meeting, Healing Circle, Sacred Circle Dancing, Star Gazing, Illuminated Labyrinth, Bonfire w/chocolate Goddess Moons, Bedtime Stories for Big Grrrls, Friday afternoon free-time visits to the Highlands Botanical Garden and Art Museum

You can view the whole brochure here: Fall 2016 Brochure