Rhythm of Being

October 15-19, 2014
Event #51

Institute (54 participants)

Institute Worship

Rhythm of Being in Your Own Skin
Rhythm of Being with Air
Rhythm of Being with Water

Institute Tracks

Cultivating Your Life’s Mission & Discovering Your Prayer/Mantra
Listening & Learning from Stones: Soapstone Carving
Rhythmic Wisdom Frame Drumming
Using the Tarot for Creative Growth

Gathering (67 participants)

Gathering Worship

Rhythm of Being with Fire
Rhythm of Being with Earth
Rhythm of Being with Community and the Universe

Gathering Workshops

All Day
Fierce Feminine Archery: Creating Right Relationship with Your Fiery, Assertive, Untamed Nature
Singing the Rhythms of Our Lives: Seasoned and Contempory Folk Songs of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Peace
Breath and Feet: Listening to Your Body’s Rhythm and Wisdom
In Rhythm With Nature

Special Activities

Big Sister/Little Sister, Brigid’s Bazaar, Silent Auction, Social Hour, Cabaret, Frame Drumming and Dancing, African Drumming and Dancing, Tea & Talk, 12-Step Meeting, Healing Circle, Sacred Circle Dancing, Star Gazing, Sunday Morning Stretch and Meditation, Outdoor Candlelit Labyrinth, Remembrance Altar and Celebration of Life for Ethel-Marie Underhill, Welcome Party

You can view the whole brochure here: Fall 2014 Brochure