Thresholds – Gateways to Consciousness

October 16-20, 2013
Event #49

Institute (46 participants)

Institute Circles

Crossing the Feminine Threshold of Being and Receiving
Crossing the Masculine Threshold of Doing
Crossing the Threshold of Wholeness: Balancing Masculine and Feminine

Institute Tracks

Gateway to Your Life Purpose through Archetypal Thresholds
Four Thresholds of Transformation: Fires of Awakening
Journeying through Our Thresholds
Breaking Through the Threshold of Consciousness

Gathering (69 participants)

Gathering Circles

Crossing the Threshold of (Re)Connection to Purpose
(Re)Claim Your Journey – A Threshold Ceremony
(Re)Turning to Your World – Our Personal Journey

Gathering Workshops

Double (Saturday Afternoon & Sunday Morning)
Navigating through Sacred Time Thresholds
Saturday Afternoon
Sharing Our Thresholds in Writing
Connecting With Your Higher Consciousness thru Art
Thresholds of Blessings and Renewal
Sunday Morning
Cross Over Crisis Thresholds by Integrating Your Inner Warrior and Lover
Moving Into the Stillness of Consciousness

Special Activities

Newcomer Orientation, Big Sister/Little Sister, Brigid’s Bazaar, Silent Auction, Social Hour, Cabaret, Drumming and Dancing, Tea & Talk, 12-Step Meeting, Healing Circle, Drawing Down the Moon, Sacred Circle Dancing, Fire Circle, Morning Meditation, Ba’alat’s Bookstore, Quilt Square Embellishing, Indoor Labyrinth

You can view the whole brochure here: Fall 2013 Brochure