Magic is a Foot – So Let’s Walk the Walk

October 14-19, 2009

Institute #40

Institute Worship

Spontaneous Singing in the Round
Informal General Worship

Institute Tracks

For several reasons, the Womenspirit Coordinating Council, with the approval of the general membership opted for a Free-Flowing Institute this Fall. Arrival at The Mountain could be on Wednesday or Thursday, and aside from regular meal times and informal worship in the evenings, the rest of the time was left open for choosing your own self-directed activities. These included sight-seeing or hiking in the local area, shopping, visiting the Labyrinth in Otto, working on your own craft project, sharing with your sisters, meditating, bird-watching or just resting and relaxing in the sacred space at The Mountain. Participants were provided with contact information for and directions to many of the local points of interest.

Gathering #40

Gathering Worship

Opening Worship
Sacred Play
Closing Reflections

Gathering Workshops

The Planning Committee for this event chose to use an “Open Space” format for Gathering in order to encourage diversity, foster new connections and partnerships between women, address creating justice for women and incorporate more Sacred Play. In this style of format, groups of women who were drawn together by common interests, created spontaneous “workshops” in order to share with one another. The idea was to “be in the moment” and encourage the blossoming and talents of all participants. The Planning Committee also brought along several diverse and talented women to be a part of this process. Some of the “workshops” that transpired involved dancing, zumba, yoga, herbal healing, woman power, singing, mandala-making and more.