Spiraling Out From Our Center

October 17-21, 2007

Institute #36

Institute Worship

Spiral as Symbol of Evolution, Change, and Growth
Spiral as Symbol of Collective Unconscious
Spiral as Symbol of a Path to Source

Institute Tracks

Outside Speaker: Donna Henes on Queen of Myself (Thursday)
Martha Adams’ play: She Rises Through the Sickle Moon (Friday morning)

Gathering #36

Gathering Worship

The Goddess Saraswati
The Goddess Lakshmi
The Goddess Durga

Gathering Workshops

All Day
Walking the Labyrinth
Jin Shin is About the Spiral of Life
Wild Women Dolls
Sex & Sexuality
Spiraling Mandalas
Secret to Your Passion
Awakening the Spiraling Energy System Within!
Reach Your Inner Self with the Great Durga Mother
Discovering Your Center with the Angels
Self Healing to Global Unity: Spiraling the Energy Ou
Spiraling from Within with Bead Mosaics
Indian Cooking