Return to the Well

September 21-25, 2005

Institute #32

Institute Worship

Never Lose Our Way to The Well
Drawing Our Balance from The Well
Emerging from The Well

Institute Tracks

Finding Our Way Home
Drawing from The Well of Our Wisdom
Return to the Dark Mother
Connecting to the Dancer Within

Gathering #32

Gathering Worship

Returning to the Wellspring
Embracing Well Wisdom
The Living Waters of Our Lives

Gathering Workshops

All Day
Dip Deeply: Feel Your Womanly Rhythms
Journaling: Returning to The Well
Coiled Baskets
Qigong Body Prayer
Sacred Temple Madalas
Womenspirit 101
Fabric of Our Sisterhood
Sacred Flame: Goddess Candles for Your Altar
The Resolution of Conflicts
Women’s Studies 101
Return to Nature Hike