Past, Present, Future Me, I AM All I Need to Be

September 24-28, 2003

Institute #28

36 participants

Institute Worship

No theme or program information available

Institute Tracks

Drumming our Spiritual Essence
Sacred Scroll and/or Wall Hanging
Vessel of Spirit, Protector of Dreams
Stretching & Balancing for Healing, Safety, & Mobility

Gathering #28

87 participants

Gathering Worship

No theme or program information available

Gathering Workshops

All Day
Goddess Walking
Journaling Back to the Future
Beading for Your Inner Child
Facing Your Face: A Look into your Heart Through the Eye of the Tarot
T’ai Chi-5 Element Tao Meditation
Sacred Flame: Goddess Candles for your Altar
Meeting the Past in its Future: Past Life Regression
Hike to Chinquapin
Sacred Space: How to Clear and Bless your Space
Getting in Touch with your Own Inner Magic
Womenspirit Quilt