Goddess Prisms: Facets of the Feminine
May 15-19, 2019

When the Light of the Goddess shines through Her many facets and expresses through each of her unique daughters, RAINBOWS of light illuminate the World.
Join us as we go WAY beyond the archetypes of Maiden/Mother/Crone.

Like a prism casting its multicolored light, the Goddess manifests herself in myriad forms. These archetypes are diverse facets of the vibrant Divine, which live in each of us.

Our workshops and tracks will explore the diversity and depth of the Goddess within each individual and the feminine power as a whole.

Each worship service we will be visited by an archetype embodied through theatrical interpretation – The Creatrix, Healer, Warrior, Lover, Wise Woman/Mystic, and Rebel/Wild Woman. Through guided meditation, dance, song, and soul collage we will commune with these archetypes in sacred space. These facets of the Feminine will impart their Divine wisdom, leading us to find reflections of their spirit within ourselves.

Help us get the word out about our wonderful event. Download the Spring 2019 Flyer and distribute copies in your communities. Registration will open in mid-March.

Register now for the Spring 2019 Event that will take place May 15-19 at The Mountain, Highlands, NC.

First, read this: Spring 2019 Brochure

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Finally, go here: The Mountain to start your online registration. If you encounter any problems registering, contact Linda, the UUWomenspirit Registrar.

Planning Committee
Tammy Sadler – Event Coordinator
Shannon Browning-Mullis – Worship
Alexandria Carrico – Worship
Adrianna Lee – Tracks & Workshops
Karen LeFever – Scribe
Nina Brewer-Davis – Sales & Activities

What can you look forward to experiencing at our events?

Take a look at the About Events page.

How much does it cost?

Currently (Spring 2019), the Institute and Gathering each cost $290: the UUWomenspirit program fee of $100 and $190 for The Mountain food (6 meals) and lodging (2 nights). So, if you attend both the Institute and the Gathering, the total fee is $580. While we don’t expect the rates to increase, you should consult the event brochure, which is published about two months before the event, for the actual costs of an event, including the early bird rate (usually a $20 discount per program). Members receive a $20 discount per program; UUWomenspirit membership is $45 per year.

Do you want to sell items at Brigid’s Bazaar?

Anyone attending the event may request space to sell woman-made creations or items from her woman-owned business. Artists keep 90% of the sales and give 10% to UUWomenspirit. You will be responsible for selling your items during the scheduled times. Please fill out and submit the Sales or Massage Agreement by May 8, 2019.

Would you like to offer massage therapy services?

If you are a licensed massage therapist, you may offer massage. You will need to provide your own table and find your own space. PLEASE check with cabin mates before offering massage in your cabin. You can reserve a space in the sales area where women can sign up. Therapists keep 90% and give 10% to UUWomenspirit. Please fill out and submit the Sales or Massage Agreement by May 8, 2019.

Do you need financial assistance to attend?

A limited number of partial scholarships may be available for UUWomenspirit members who need some financial assistance to attend. Please fill out and submit the Scholarship Application by April 10, 2019.

Where will the event be held?

UUWomenspirit Institute and Gathering are held at The Mountain, just outside of Highlands, NC. Please use these links to get more information.

Directions to the Mountain
Information about coming to the Mountain

If you have any questions about UUWomenspirit, please contact our Membership Coordinator.