UUWomenspirit has a six member, all volunteer Coordinating Council (CoCo) responsible for keeping things going. Each term is 3 years with two members rotating off and two new members coming on every year. Please contact us if you have any questions.

The different responsibilities are:

Membership & Event Registrar (term ends Aug 1, 2018)
Responsible for maintaining the Membership database, processing registrations for the two UUWomenspirit Events each year and answering the myriad of membership and registration questions that come up.

Marketing, Outreach, and Church Liaison (term ends Aug 1, 2018)
Responsible for getting the word out about UUWomenspirit so more wonderful women know about this amazing organization. If you have an idea about how to connect with the women of the world, please let our Outreach Goddess know.

Program Resource Liaison (PRL) (term ends Aug 1, 2019)
UUWomenspirit hosts a Spring and Fall event each year. Each event is put together by a Planning Committee (PC) made up of volunteers from the UUWomenspirit membership. The PRL is the liaison between each PC and the CoCo to ensure the PC has everything they need to create a successful event.

CoCo Scribe (term ends Aug 1, 2019)
Keeper of the Sacred Text, the document that contains our guiding bylaws and records our herstory. Prepares agenda for the CoCo and Membership meetings. Takes notes at all meetings and send copies of the minutes to the CoCo and adds them to the “minutes notebook” which is available for members to see at events. Manages the list serve. Initiates SKYPE calls for the CoCo.

Volunteer Coordinator (term ends Aug 1, 2020)
UUWomenspirit is an all volunteer organization. The Volunteer Goddess is responsible for making sure each Event Planning Committee (PC) receives all the current volunteer forms and offers made by our very generous and talented membership. If you would like to lead a Track or Workshop at an upcoming event or to join an event Planning Committee, you can fill out a form on the Volunteer Opportunities page.

Treasurer (term ends Aug 1, 2020)
Pays all the bills and keeps up with all the financial’s related to UUWomenspirit. The Financial Goddess keeps the membership informed of UUWomenspirit’s financial status via the newsletter and the two membership meetings held each year at the Spring and Fall events.